Ancient Ostia Tour
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Ancient Ostia Tour

Tour Duration: 4 hours


  • Square of the Guilds
  • Necropolis
  • Warehouses
  • Baths of Neptune
  • Via Casa di Diana
  • Forum

This tour will make you visit Ancient Ostia, the biggest archeological park in Europe. Ostia, located to the mouth of the Tiber river, was the main port of the Roman Empire where different kinds of goods would arrive from all over the Roman Empire. Once a thriving city of about 60.000 people, today it gives us a perfect example of the ancient life with docks, warehouses, apartments and mansions, shops, baths and temples. During the 19th century, Ancient Ostia was discovered by archeological excavations. On this site you will experience an extraordinary feeling walking through an authentic Roman city that has not changed since the 3rd century A.D.. Ostia was founded around the 600 B.C. and, at the beginning, it was just a village where salt to preserve meats was produced, then around the 400 B.C., it was conquered by Rome and, thanks to its strategic location, Ostia became the city’s fortress and port at the mouth of the Tiber river. As the Roman Empire expanded, a bigger port was needed so Ostia was eventually abandoned. When the Roman Empire fell, Ostia became a ghost town – even the river over time changed its course – and was buried under river mud… this is what preserved the city during the centuries. In Ostia Antica you will have a lot to see: the Necropolis, the Baths of Neptune with its mosaic, the grand Square of the Guilds, the Warehouses, House of Diana (a street of apartments and taverns), the Forum with its temple, the Theatre, that during the summer still hosts performances such as plays, concerts and show comedies and a museum housing archeological items.

Our itineraries can be personalized according to your exigencies.


  • Pick up and Drop off at your hotel
  • Luxury air conditioned vehicle
  • Professional driver
  • Flexible itinerary


  • Lunch
  • Admission fees


  • Complete information are included in your reservation voucher.
  • Send us an email for more information.

Ancient Ostia tour


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